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“The Promise of America / Reisen til Amerika”- poster

My name is Harald Gulli. I am a norwegian graphic artist, and have created a lot of posters and informational work for The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (RMFA), Historical Museums and many other institutions and publishers. I have a substantial stock of surplus-material from some of this work which I now is laying out for sale. All the work is signed by the artist - me - Harald Gulli.


How to buy: (I am not a professional company for sale on the internet, so I have to do it the simple way)

You send me an email with a list of the posters you like to buy and your name and adress Zipcode etc.........

Mark the email (subject): poster.

I will send you the posters plus an email with a request for the money (post and handling included) by PayPal.

Post and handling to the US will be charged extra - 25 dollar

“The Promise of America”
- made for an exhibition about the
Norwegian Immigration
The original printed Poster
Size: 43 x 70 cm/ 17 by 28 inch
Printed on heavy paper.
U$ 40

9 posters made for (RMFA) with the theme Vikings. Size 67x100 cm / 27 by 39 inches, printed on heavy paper, signed. Click on a poster to see it larger.  U$ 15 each. The whole series U$ 75

The Burial of a Viking Queen. (RMFA) The
Oseberg Ship.
50x70 cm / 20 by 28 inch, printed on medium paper, signed,
U$ 15


Mobile exhibition made for RMFA in
connection with the Vinland-Jubilee in 1991.
8 motifs about the vikings with text on the
top in english.
Size: each panel is 1.25 x 2.2 meters or 4.1 by 7.2 feet.
Mounted on thick cardboard. Needs framing.
Click here to see more.
Prize: U$ 2.500 plus shipping/transport.

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